We warn against making purchases in China or in non-EU countries!

A low selling price tempts some buyers to buy outside of the EU. But what if the purchased item is to be returned, or a defect or defect occurs.

If a complaint is made and a service address can be found, there is usually no reaction. In the case of a return shipment, for example because the right of return under the EU Distance Selling Act is to be exercised, the return or return shipment is usually made to the country where an item was purchased, for example to China. A return shipment abroad often exceeds the actual purchase price.

Goods ordered from non-EU countries not only have long delivery times, but are often stuck in German customs and cannot be delivered directly. Extra costs cannot be ruled out, especially with regard to customs duties.

Also on German well-known sales portals and auction houses, where an international seller trades, or for example comes from China, the return shipment to the country of the seller was demanded from our own experience. The extent to which EU sales portals allow this is questionable. We assume that such an absurd sales policy will not be allowed. But this already shows the dubiousness of many international sellers on well-known German sales portals, or on international online shops that do not belong to the EU.

It is unlikely that the purchase price will be refunded in the event of a return shipment, since the sellers who do not belong to the EU are usually not even familiar with our EU regulations. After all, every country has its own laws and rules.

Imprint or direct contacts are usually not even to be found on foreign online shops. In addition, non-EU sellers usually do not comply with EU regulations, which are intended to protect consumers when shopping.

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